Thursday, May 12, 2011

quick sketch "Brussels Griffon"

9'x9' watercolor on 140lb coldpress paper
My Mom walked in on while I was painting this and said "oh my goodness, that is the ugliest dog! what is it!?!"
I told her it was a Brussels Griffon, and that I planed on getting one. She proceeded to tell me it has a "spider face" LoL.  

Monday, May 9, 2011


Black Lab "chuck"  9'x10' watercolor on 140lb coldpress 
I have been working on a "pet portrait poster" in order to take to dog parks in my area, hoping to generate a local pet portrait following. I painted pets I know personally, and also googled images of dogs. This painting of a Black Lab I am now calling Chuck, is from one of those random I thought. A couple days after painting him, I saw a family on the news whose Black Lab named Chuck returned home, four years after he had gone missing. Of course I immediately connected my painting to the story, and knew this painting now had a name. The timing was just too perfect. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

commissioned portrait "CT"

9'x11' graphite on paper
Alas! I post! I hope all is well, I am glad to see I have a couple of new followers, thanks, and welcome. 

Once in a while my craigslist ads actually bring in work, this was one of those times. Portrait of CT from Queens, NY.  Artist often have to live on a lot less than one may think, as in some cases people live from paycheck to paycheck, the majority of us artist live from painting to painting (or in my case portrait to portrait) and then hope we can buy more materials. So free advertising is a real blessing.