Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Ruffles" (work in progress)

"Ruffles" 11'x15' watercolor (work in progress)
This is Ruffles, she is our 9 yr old Shih Tzu (who is convinced she is human) taking one of her eleven or so naps during the day. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Melancholy Conan

"Conan O'brien" 9'x11 graphite on paper
I have been busy working on a commissioned painting that, as a matter of  fact, I should be finishing right now but, I felt the urge to post, especially now that I have my first follower (Hi John). In going through my sketch book I realized I had this drawing of Conan hidden away in there. It is evidence of  how I began to miss Conan about 3 months into the year that he had to take off  between his shows, and from his demeanor and expression in this photo, as he drinks his coffee and sat on a fence against the brick wall of his new set, it looked as though he missed his old routine as well.

Friday, February 4, 2011

"John Lennon with spoon"

9'x11' graphite on paper
I've stared doing a series of musician  inspired works.  I came across  this photo of a young  Lennon, being photographed having lunch, with this silly,  mischievous gaze, and I couldn't resist sketching it right away. There will be a  few paintings and a few more drawings (in charcoal not graphite) to follow in the weeks to come. Comments welcome.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art and Music

I was looking at this photo that is on my website today and I realized, I know what music I was listening to while painting every single one of these. I wonder if any other artist look at their paintings and hear the music they were listening to while they were painting. I am sure music is as important to most painters as it is to me, almost seems it should be included in paintings description..."Smoky Cafe"/18x24 Acrylic on canvas/Rolling stones. Although, mine would mostly read Prince. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"High Gloss"

8'x10' acrylic on panel
Here is my submsion for the first Daily Paintworks Challenge. I heard about this through Carol Marine's Painting Blog. You can find a link to her blog in my blog list below, I don't usually paint in this fast n loose style, but I was excited about submitting a painting for this kind of challenge, I have always seen them but never actually tried it. I first sketched the car out in a watered down ultramarine, not really intending to start painting until morning, as it was already late, but, I just kept picking up paint with my brush, and then this happened. I am semi happy with the result, most importantly, I really had a good time with it. Try it if you have a chance!