Monday, June 20, 2011

Dads Anniversary Gift


This project was my Moms gift to my dad. Restoration of this photo of him in his twenties taken around the time him and my Mom met. He had hung onto it for years sadly referring to it as irreparable because the damage was across his face over his eyes. We've always known this photo meant a lot to him so, I had a good time restoring it knowing he had no idea it was being worked on, nor that restoration was even possible. He almost cried when he opened it. I am showing it here with a black/grey background but now that we have a digital file of just his figure, his image could be put on any background. We are trying it out on a variety of background colors to print out and add to the family photos hanging in the homes of all of my siblings 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Aren't We Talking About Regenerative Medicine?

I am not good at relationships that involve copious amounts of small talk, I need to talk about important issues. So, when I hear "respected" news programs mention the latest pop culture train wreck and what they may have worn to court, I panic a little inside, I feel sick, i feel cheated, I feel as though I am the only one who has noticed that our bus driver has mental illness and we are gaining excessive speed and will soon barrel through a daycare. Exactly who is responsible for my Dad...who only watches local news, knowing who these fashionable sex tape people are? Shouldn't that stuff be quarantined to those entertainment news or magazine shows?  Then, when they can tell its all becoming a bit too much, they report on "too much celeb. media reporting". If I did have the names of those responsible for this mess, I would bombard  them articles like this one: please read this article  and  I would demand they make more of an effort to create a buzz around how Pig Bladders can help grow a burn victims face back (I hope pig bladders become more famous than pop idols) and how as-we-speak, there is life changing/saving work being done in Regenerative medicine. Then maybe they will be sick from shame at reporting on anything less important.....................................what are you doing? Go read that article.....please.