Friday, February 4, 2011

"John Lennon with spoon"

9'x11' graphite on paper
I've stared doing a series of musician  inspired works.  I came across  this photo of a young  Lennon, being photographed having lunch, with this silly,  mischievous gaze, and I couldn't resist sketching it right away. There will be a  few paintings and a few more drawings (in charcoal not graphite) to follow in the weeks to come. Comments welcome.


  1. Just came across your blog. You have a real gift.

  2. Thank you so much John, For the comment and also for following me, It is so nice to know that I wont be just be talking to myself from now on.

  3. Anybody brave enough to make a drawing of John Lennon is OK in my books, Misty! Nice obscure photo reference, have NOT seen that before. The drawing is good, too. Very nice rhythmic vibe with your strokes, almost an engraved look. What I like about that style is you let the line quality speak for itself, no smudging and noodling around. Nice!