Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Lion King Mural in progress

The Lion King mural in progress, Acrylic on smooth wall
Believe it or not, this mural is in a 19yr old girls room. I will eventually be painting the entire room with the Lion King theme. The rest of this wall and the other 3 walls are still in the planing stages. I am looking forward to continuing this sky in these  rich, fiery reds and yellows. I don't remember if I have ever mentioned before that I do not buy pre-mixed paint colors. I rarely purchase  any other paint besides Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue for any project, be it Large or small. I am auto-didactic so I of course was not taught this way. I do remember hearing or reading somewhere, that all any artist should need are the primary colors to make EVERY color that exist. So I guess I took that pretty seriously. I later learned this in only true if you start out with true or good quality primaries. If you are going to try this, make sure to look for true red, true blue etc. The same is true for choosing your black and white.

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